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Why work for a Trust Company?

Why work for a Trust Company?

Working for a Dutch Trust Office and working in Financial Services, is working in a very international environment with people from different cultural backgrounds. The language spoken is English, but people of many nationalities are working there. If you are fluent in other languages than English, this is a big advantage.

When working for a Trust Company you will be responsible for the complete administration of your own clients. You will be the main point of contact. The roles involve an excellent knowledge of business administration and reporting, but also people skills. This is why the accounting roles within the offices are mostly referred to as Financial Account Managers, as your position goes deeper than merely managing an administration.

Your clients can be big corporations or individuals who have set up their businesses in the Netherlands. This makes your work, varied and dynamic.
Our clients have excellent benefits and working climates. The companies vary from 01-10 people to big corporations with offices worldwide. Both have their individual advantages. Also they provide different services to their customers. There is lots to learn and many ways to develop yourself. If you have the ambition to work abroad you may be more interested in working at a bigger company. Do you feel more appreciated or at a place in a “smaller” environment, then we will find a solution here.

As every individual is different we will thoroughly speak to you and figure out which company will suit your wishes best and which working environment will bring out your best!