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Trust Financials – Recruitment and Consulting

Welcome to Trust Financials – Recruitment and Consulting – Great to meet you!

My name is Prema van Wersch (41) and I am a specialist in the recruitment of (high-end) financial professionals. With a focus on the majority of trust- and accountancy offices in the Netherlands. From 2007 – 2011 and onwards, I discovered my affinity with this branch and mostly with the people I connected with and whom I helped kickstart their careers.

Over the past years, I have developed myself as a businesswoman, always keeping my contacts and network very warm. People who have worked with me, know that a connection for me goes deeper and further than “just doing business”. Networking and getting to know people is a part of who I am and what I do and what brings joy to my work and my daily life.

In the last 25 years, I have had wonderful, exciting and challenging management positions within the field of recruitment, sales, marketing and business development. I have developed my own, unique restaurant concept. After COVID I, unfortunately, decided it was better to close my restaurant business, but where one door shuts another one opens….

I am very happy to announce that I am now launching my own Financial Recruitment Agency, with full confidence and high expectations. We are focused on the Dutch Trust Market but our network extends to other branches and countries too.

For employers

What can you expect from us?

  • In a high “end-to-end” service, I interview and select each candidate personally (either in real life or via an extended video call). I am monitoring the whole process, from the introduction, and the interview, to the finalization of the probation period.
  • I always stay in touch with my clients and candidates and do regular checkups in the starting period to see if everything is going as expected.
  • A thorough interview with you to find out your specific needs, and to get a “feeling” about your company, work ethics, and atmosphere.
  • A solid reference check of my candidates.
  • I am very selective in who I introduce to you.
  • You can expect only the best and my honest input.
  • Knowledge of your business.
  • An extremely good understanding of the type of candidate that matches your needs.
  • No active head hunting with existing employees of yours. If one of your employees approaches me or is publicly open to a career move, I may consider helping them out.

For candidate’s

What can you expect from us?

  • An open interview to get to know your capacities and to get to know you as a person.
  • A sparring partner throughout the process.
  • Because I know my clients really well I can help you prepare for your interview.
  • Give you points of attention.
  • Good preparation will help you with your nerves, should you have them. I will take the time to guide you through all stages, from our interview until after the job interview, and even after you have found your dream job.
  • Honest feedback.
  • A professional re-write of your CV, in our Trust Professional house style.
  • I will never introduce you to my clients without your consent.
  • If you have a specific skilled CV I can do open introductions within my network. For certain candidates, my network can create vacancies, so if you don’t completely match our general search profile but you are skilled and enthusiastic, don’t hesitate to contact me anyway.
  • I won’t give up! “should you by any chance NOT get the job on the first go”, I will keep searching for you. Also, I will talk about what could have been done differently during your interview, so you will be prepared and confident in the next one.

Hot profiles, no Dutch speaking required!

The Netherlands is a great melting pot of different cultures. Many big corporates have their head offices in the Netherlands which has led to a shift in the requirements a candidate must have.

If you live or want to move to the Netherlands, but you don’t speak Dutch (yet), don’t let this stop you. Most vacancies we have do not require you to speak any Dutch.

Our agency specialized in jobs in an international working environment mostly within the Dutch Trust Branch. Should you want to work in a different branch, our network is extended and I am confident that we can help you either way.

English is the spoken language for most of our clients, a fluency or good working knowledge in other languages, such as Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, or French will be a big plus point!

Trust Financials is ongoing looking for candidates with the following profile:

  • Fluency in English and additional languages are a plus point.
  • Finished studies: Bachelor or Master in Accountancy (AA), Business Administration or a proven track record in finance.
  • Can draw up annual accounts independently.
  • Good working knowledge and experience with international reporting systems, IFRS, and Dutch GAAP.
  • Responsible for the VAT returns.
  • Responsible for the VPB returns.
  • Can run several clients’ administration independently.
  • Communicative and organized.
  • Hands-on.

Our clients range from leading Global corporates to smaller, more private companies (1 – 50 FTE and above) We will see what fits you best.

All of our clients offer our candidates excellent career opportunities; the possibility to develop themselves and grow within the business in a great working environment. Outstanding salaries and benefits. Most of our clients are based in Amsterdam but we do occasionally have opportunities in other cities in the Netherlands.

If I have raised your interest, feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to getting further acquainted!


You can contact me via email:
Trust-Financials @ LinkedIn
Prema @ LinkedIn
Phone: +31628541794 or via the WhatsApp button and the contact form on this website.


enthusiastic person with a bubbly character

Prema I a nice and enthusiastic person with a bubbly character. She has a huge talent for matching candidates to the right companies and positions. She has enormous people skills and managed to help me find my dream job in a different position and company than what I had in mind. This was a golden move. I believe that working with Prema is an asset for both corporates as candidates”

Zij heeft een pragmatische aanpak

“Ik heb Prema leren kennen als een goede professional die een uitstekende match maakt tussen de wensen van haar cliënten en beschikbare resources. Zij heeft een pragmatische aanpak en is bereid te investeren in haar relaties om de gewenste doelstellingen te realiseren.”

“I got to know Prema as a professional who can make an excellent match between the wishes of her clients and available sources. Her approach is pragmatic and she is willing to invest in her relations to achieve her targets.”

Drs. Frank Bosma (candidate of Prema in 2010)

Met plezier met Prema gewerkt.

“Ik heb ruim een half jaar met plezier met Prema gewerkt. Ze verstaat het vak van adviseur als geen ander. Ze heeft in 4 jaar de Trustmarkt voor MT&V- Finance (voorheen fb-finance) opgezet en succesvol gemaakt. Authenticiteit en doorzettingsvermogen typeren haar bij uitstek. Never a dull moment met Prema.”

“I have worked together with Prema for over half a year. This was an enjoyable time. She understands the job role of an advisor as no other. She has independently and successfully set up a business unit focused on the Dutch Trust market for MTenV Finance (previously FB Finance) Authenticity and drive are typically hers. Never a dull moment with Prema”

Floris Lems (Prema's manager in 2011)

Ayesha Gopisingh – Intercity Corporate Management – nov 2009 tm dec 2014

“Prema is een leuke, enthousiaste dame met een mooie energie en een bruisend karakter. Prema heeft een groot talent om de juiste kandidaten te matchen aan de juiste functie en aan de juiste organisatie. Zij heeft een enorme mensenkennis en heeft er bij mij zelfs voor gezorgd dat ik in een heel andere functie terecht ben gekomen dan waar ik eigenlijk voor wilde solliciteren. Dit bleek een gouden zet te zijn! Ik heb mede dankzij Prema mijn droombaan gevonden. Prema is een enorme aanwinst voor zowel de kandidaat als de organisatie.

Ayesha Gopisingh
Intercity Corporate Management

“Prema is a great person

“Prema is a great person to work with. I have asked Prema many times to search for trust candidates, she is always very helpful and provides great services. She is business minded and highly committed. She knows what kind of candidates we look for and I very much like her lively and personal approach. Prema is one of the finest recruitment consultants I know and I enjoy working with her.”

Liesbeth Renouvin (was working at Equity Trust)

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